Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore for a Holiday with the Kids

Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore is a program that will give you up to 80% discounts on hotels and flights. It also provides Xperience and many offers. If you go to Singapore with your kids, here are some places that will make your children happy.

Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

In this place, your kids can play with water splash. The playground has many rides, from a fish fountain for toddlers, a rainforest treehouse, water games to an amphitheater with a canopy and a place to watch many children showcase their talents. If you plan to come here, do not forget to bring a change of clothes. It is because they will play with all the water fountains.

Jacob Ballas Kids Garden

The second place that is good for children is Jacob Ballas Kids Garden. Do you play in the park with your kids? Jacob Ballas Kids Garden is a tourist spot for children that are good to visit while on vacation in Singapore.

Why is that so? It is because the park is made specifically for kids. The goal is to provide children with education about nature and its influence on life. You do not need to worry, because your kids will not be bored. All the activities are fun and impressive.

Tayo Station

Do you know about Tayo the Little Bus, a cartoon from South Korea? Still, about playing and learning, Tayo Station is a good place for your kids in Singapore. It is an enjoyable tourist spot for children to visit while on vacation in Singapore.

This indoor playground will teach the kids how to help each other, maintain mental health, and maintain the physical development of children under 12 years old. Lots of entertaining games are in that place.

In this place, you will see educational media provide their entertainment. The rides also vary, from Gani’s Playground, Ball Pool equipped with Cliff Wall, Hinaki Wood Pit, and Tayo’s Road Circuit. So, will your kids like to play there?

Snow City Singapore

The next place is Snow City Singapore. Singapore is a tropical country, but you can see snow in this place. There are many things you and your little ones can do in Snow City, from skating and even making snowmen. You can also meet cute animals that live in this cold world.

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Polliwogs VivoCity

In this place, you and your children can play as much as you want with safe equipment, enjoy healthy snacks and be comfortable with experienced staff. Guaranteed a vacation to this place will be impressive.

This tourist spot for children is the right destination when parents want to be much closer to their little ones while in Singapore. The indoor playground has many entertainment programs. It facilitates social interaction and encourages the formation of new friendships.

Many places are very spacious and good for your kids. If you want to stay in this country, you can search for Singapore Hotel Deals for your staycation.