Items to Bring When Visiting Hotels in Sentosa Island, Festive Hotel Singapore

Hotels in Sentosa Island, Singapore, such as Festive Hotel, are a good option before visiting other Singapore travel destinations. Before you have a trip to Singapore, you need to prepare necessities such as goods while in Merlion country, to prevent problems.

Travel Documents

Bring travel documents such as passports, visas, airline tickets, and lodging reservations. These documents are the basic things you need when traveling abroad.

Singapore is a visa-free country for Indonesian citizens, so you don’t need to apply for a visa. Usually, flight tickets and hotel reservations will have confirmations in the form of e-tickets or e-vouchers. We recommend that you have a hardcopy copy, especially when you are at immigration, either Indonesia or Singapore.


The country that has several hotels in Sentosa Island is very knowledgeable about payments by credit and debit cards. However, the presence of cash will make purchasing transactions easier, as long as you explore Singapore.

You can use cash when paying for food at the food court, shopping for Singaporean souvenirs, and buying MRT tickets. We recommend that you exchange your currency for Singapore dollars, while still in Indonesia, to save more time.


When on vacation, of course, you bring equipment such as smartphones, cameras, chargers, to power banks. However, there is a tool that should not be missed, namely the adapter, because the power plug in Singapore is different from Indonesia.

Indonesia has two-legged power outlets, while Singapore has three-legged power outlets. An adapter will help connect power to your charger that has two legs.

Because not many public places in Singapore allow you to charge the battery. We recommend that you fully charge your cell phone or other digital equipment when you’re in a hotel.

Drinking Bottles

Singapore is a country where the cost of living is quite expensive, even one bottle of bottled water costs around Rp. 25 thousand. To save on the cost of buying bottled water, you can bring a personal drinking bottle.

Some public areas in Singapore, such as Universal Studios and Changi Airport, provide ready-to-drink taps for visitors. You can fill your drinking bottle with water to the brim, which of course saves you more money.

Comfortable Clothing and Footwear

Exploring Singapore all day, with quite hot weather, plus the many steps you take makes your feet sore. Choose comfortable clothing and footwear, such as light shoes and flip-flops to spare.

Make sure the model and material of clothing you use have taken into account the weather conditions of Singapore. Prioritize the comfort factor, then other things.

Personal Medicine

Exploring Singapore is not only time-consuming but also energy-consuming, so you must anticipate. Bring light medicines such as ulcer medicine, headache and fever medicine, patch to wind oil.

Festive Hotel can be one of the lodging options that can be a destination when looking for hotels in Sentosa Island. In addition to carrying the items in the review, you can bring other necessities if you will need them. You can also get an affordable price if you take SingapoRediscovers Vouchers from Traveloka.